Saturday, December 12, 2009

Index of Tamil Noun Cases

Noun Cases in Tamil: வேற்றுமை  
In Tamil, noun cases are added to the end of a noun to indicate what in English often is a preposition "in" "on" "with" etc. General information links are provided immediately below, followed by more specific links to posts related to each Noun Case. Updated as more posts are written.
 The Tamil names for the cases are essentially "first case" "second case" etc. Not very descriptive! And it seems like different books have the cases in different orders, so don't memorize "second case" etc. just yet!
Nominative case - முதல்வேற்றுமை/ எழுவாய்வேற்றுமை - use the regular noun
Objective/Accusative case/Direct Object  - இரண்டாம் வேற்றுமை  - ஐ ending.  The exact rules depend on the ending vowel of the noun.
Instrumentive - மூன்றாம் வேற்றுமை -
Dative case -நான்காம் வேற்றுமை  -உக்கு/-க்கு ending
Ablative - ஐந்தாம் வேற்றுமை -
Possessive (sometimes called genitive) ஆறாம் வேற்றுமை
Locative  ஏழாம் வேற்றுமை
Vocative எட்டாம் வேற்றுமை , விளி வேற்றுமை
Sociative - -

The term for case endings in general: வேற்றுமையுருபு


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