Sunday, October 4, 2009

Index of Tamil Music Related Posts

Here I will focus on children's educational music for the most part because children's music in general usually has clearer pronunciation and simpler grammatical forms. There are a number of blogs dedicated to modern Tamil music, so I will not recreate what they have already done-- links are provided to good sources.

Index of Tamil Music Posts:
Outside Sources:
The blog Tamil Paadal Varigal, has a ton of music from Tamil Language Movies. It gives the music in Roman and Tamil characters, but not in English translation.


greennose said...

i am a native speaker, but my grammatical tamil is not that great as i was brought up in the US. this becomes a problem when i want to read novels in tamil. This blog has been very helpful in my reaching grammatical proficiency so my profound thanks for creating this blog. I think you were confused about the sentence "avar verru paiyan" in the infinitives and negative imperatives section. In tamil when two rra's are next to each other, ie. ற்ற, ற்று, it is read as tra and tru a few examples of this in words are வேற்று (another/different) and சிற்றப்பா (father's younger brother). In colloquial tamil however, such words simply become வேர்ரு and சித்தப்பா.

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