Monday, December 7, 2009

Video Lesson #5

I have been working on Video Lesson 5 from The Tamil Language in Context page produced by the University of Pennsylvania and the South Asian Language Center.

I can read the text, but following along is so hard!  I am trying to listen to and read each line together. I listen to a line, go back, listen again, read the line, try to say it myself, listen again.  What I especially like about their page is that I can toggle between written Tamil, spoken Tamil and the English translation, but even so, sometimes the pronunciation sounds different than what is written under "spoken Tamil."

My pronunciation notes below the cut. These are not formal transliterations, instead, what the word sounds like to me.

The first word வாங்க (வாருங்கள்) really sounds more like "vale" than like "vanke."
விடுதான் = vidudhan
பெரிய = periye
பழைய = pareyeh
அறை= ara
At a few points, I think the speakers do deviate from the written script.
Kannan says "ithu en are", not "ithuthan." and he says "atellaam en putthagam" instead of "ennooda." Or, if he says "ennooda" it is very soft and hard to hear the difference!


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