Monday, November 9, 2009

More Future tense

According to Asher's Colloquial Tamil (Chapter 1 still), Future Tense is used to describe habitual actions, much as English uses present tense. The example:
"Do they drink sugar cane juice?"
Karumbu caaru kudipaangaalaa?"
"கரும்பு சாறு குடிபாங்காலா?"
On to the exercise:

Exercise 8 asks for questions about what people habitually drink,
using the following people: Goovindan, Lakshmi, niinga, avanga
with the drinks: karumbu caaru (sugar cane juice), tii (tea), paalu (milk), mooru (buttermilk), kaapi (coffee).

Goovindan karumbu caaru kudipaanaa?
Laksmi tii kudipaalaa?
Niinga paalu kudipiingalaa?
Avanga mooru kudipaangalaa?


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