Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tamil Clitics

We see these used frequently in Tamil Newspapers. Clitics are not quite words, but carry meaning which is tied to the word which they follow.

Clitics can be used with a subject which is in the accusative or dative case. They can also be used with personal pronouns.

  • மட்டும் "only"
  • மட்டும்தான் "only"   
  • மாத்திரம் "only"
  • மாத்திரம்தான் "only"
  • தான் "no one but him" also translated as "indeed"
  • கூட "also"
  • -உம் "too"
  • ஏ "only"
Post to be updated with examples...
Post based on information from Unit 34 of Balasubramaniam's Tamil: A Foundation Course


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