Friday, July 9, 2010

Book Review: Journey Through Islamic Arts

Book Review: Journey Through Islamic Arts
Author: Na'ima bint Robert 
Illustrator: Diana Mayo 
Tamil Translator: Siva Pillai
Publisher: Mantra Books 2005

This is a spectacularly beautiful book. The storyline follows a girl who travels through the history of Islamic art through her dream. The illustrations by Diana Mayo are stunning.  The story is simple, but elegant.

The English is in prose, but it is very lyrical and poetic in style. At this point in my Tamil,  I really can't comment on how lyrical or elegant the Tamil translation is.

The fact that this is a bilingual edition, with Tamil and English side-by-side, makes it easy to quickly verify the meaning of new vocabulary.  The book is rated by the publisher for ages 6+ and really should appeal to people of all ages.  The only problem with the book is that the illustrations are so good, that I often find myself not reading at all, but just admiring the artwork in front of me!

You can purchase the book in the US from Language Lizard and in the UK from the publisher.


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